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Xie X, McGregor M. Video capsule endoscopy for obscure GI bleeding and Crohn’s disease (Update to Report 7) Montreal (Canada): Technology Assessment Unit (TAU) of the McGill University Health Centre (MUHC); 2012 Jun 13. Report no. 60. 38 p. Available from:



N of VCE procedures following internal or external requests        

proc transpose data=cc4 out=cc5;

    by ANNEE;

      id Internal;

      var Sub_total;



data cc6;

    set cc5;

    Label   _0='External request'   _1='Internal request';

      rename ANNEE =Year;

      rename _0 =External;

      rename _1 =Internal;

      drop _NAME_ _LABEL_;



goptions reset=all;

proc gplot data=cc6;

      plot (Internal  External)*Year/  overlay legend=legend1 haxis=axis2 vaxis=axis1 ;

    symbol1  i=JOIN  ci=blue v=square  l=1 h=1.5 w=2  pointlabel=(height=14pt '#Internal');

    symbol2  i=JOIN  ci=red  v=dot     l=3 h=1.5 w=2  pointlabel=(height=14pt '#External');

    axis1 label=(h=1.7 f=Arial a=90 'Number of video capsule endoscopy tests at MUHC') width=1

          order=(0 to 80 by 10) value=(h=13pt) minor=none;

    axis2 label=(h=1.7  f=Arial   'Year') width=1

          order=(2008 to 2011 )  value=(h=13pt) minor=none;

      legend1 down=2 position=(bottom right inside) label=none

          frame value=( h=13pt) mode=share shape=SYMBOL(15, 1.2) offset=(-3 pct, 3 pct);



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