Longitudinal data 2

Author: Xuanqian Xie

goptions reset=all cback=white  border htitle=12pt htext=10pt; 

axis1 label=(a=90 'N of event Per Year')                                                                                                       

      order=(0 to 20 by 4) offset=(3,3) minor=none;


axis2 label=('Year') minor=none offset=(3,3);                                                                                                   


%macro sy;

%do m=1 %to 100;

   symbol&m i=JOIN ci=black;





 /* Generate the graph. http://www.sfu.ca/sasdoc/sashtml/gref/zgscheme.htm#zxvalues

Predefined SAS Colors That Can Be Used in SAS/GRAPH Software */    

proc gplot data=test3;

   format year ye.;

   plot tt*Year=ward /  vaxis=axis1 haxis=axis2 noframe nolegend;   





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